Written words are my first love but I’m also very skilled at interpersonal communication – I listen well, I’m open, and interested in people. How we communicate fascinates me, from the non-verbal to linguistics. My second language is Spanish – becoming totally fluent is a lifelong project, but I can hold my own.

Both at work and in life, I’m self-motivated and independent, enthusiastically contributing my small part to a wider team. I’m also organized and methodical, breaking a bigger project down into smaller, achievable tasks.

When I’m not studying or writing, you’ll find me in the cinema or perhaps making something out of paper or fabric (or watching men ride bicycles up mountains in the Tour de France).

My approach is:


A kaleidoscope of ideas.

Input and feedback from others amplifies my inspiration. Discussion leads to expansive and fresh thinking. By working in a team, the result is bigger than what I could do alone. I experienced this as co-founder/director of pop-up cinema Magic Lantern Film Club, as well as being the writer for specific projects with a digital learning design team.


Finding a different angle.

I’m a very fast learner and a lateral thinker (cryptic crosswords are a favourite). My mind is good at seeing patterns and connecting seemingly unrelated ideas. I may not have the answers but I do ask the right questions.


It’s not about me.

Writing for a purpose means having the reader in mind. My new practice in UX writing builds on this skill, with added research and data. I also bring my experience as a language teacher (guided by student needs) and psychotherapy training (with a person-centred focus).


Fascinated by other cultures.

I am an intercultural bridge person. My adventurous spirit and appetite for diversity has led me to travel widely, learn foreign languages, and seek out cosmopolitan places to live. For example? Studying abroad at the University of New Mexico, USA; Community volunteering in Sheffield; Moving to wonderful, Catalan-Spanish-international Barcelona. 


Life’s too short for pretence.

I put my money where my mouth is. As a humanitarian and environmentalist, I write letters for Amnesty International, am a member of Greenpeace, a vegetarian, and an all-round tree-hugger.