I create content that’s user-focused, instructive, and educational. My words guide and inform. I’ve written the content for elearning courses, created my own materials to teach English as a foreign language, and am a certified User Experience (UX) writer.

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I shape and polish a text in English so it’s the best it can be. I improve student theses and dissertations, company reports, self-published books… My roles are:

  • developmental editor – designing the structure and planning the process
  • copyeditor – cutting paragraphs, re-wording sentences
  • proofreader – checking for formatting and typographical errors just before publication

Is it a translation from another language? I can make sure it reads OK to a native speaker.

Or perhaps English isn’t the first language of the writer? I can ensure the meaning is clear, giving confidence to the author.

Or maybe the piece is written for an international audience? I can point out what might not be understood by a non-native reader.

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