I’m Alison.

I’m not offering my services professionally right now, but here you can find out about my specialisms and past experience.

I’m still working on creative projects. I have a blog, where I post film reviews and write about life in general: The medial malleolus. I also write poetry and I’m working on a film script.


As a teacher, counsellor, writer, and woman of the world, I’ve become very interested in the field of intercultural communication, particularly as it relates to language.

I’ve just spent a weekend in the Netherlands learning about how deep culture impacts on our thinking and feeling, and how we can have deeper intercultural experiences. And I’m a member of professional network SIETAR España.


I worked with written business communications, creating quality text from scratch or polishing it before the world saw it. I’m very passionate about the written word, particularly the English language, and do have to take a deep breath when I see it used badly!

Learn English

As a certified English as a Foreign Language teacher, I helped adults learn English or improve what they already knew. I believe learning a foreign language is one of the most valuable ways you can spend your time, opening up a different way of looking at the world and breaking down communication barriers.

Contact me

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