I’m Alison from the UK, and I can help you communicate better.

My intercultural training workshops and coaching are all about increasing your cultural competence, so you can be more agile when interacting with people from a different culture. I am also an experienced copywriter and editor, and teach English to adults.


Using my experience as a teacher, counsellor, writer, and woman of the world, I’m helping people enhance their cultural competence by developing myself as an intercultural trainer with a language focus. I completed a training and facilitation certificate with Indiálogo, and am a member of SIETAR España.

My workshops and training sessions enable individuals and teams to understand, celebrate and take advantage of cultural diversity.

*Join my Meet Up group and come to my intercultural intelligence taster sessions for lively discussion and new learning.


Professional editorial services

I’m an experienced copywriter, specialising in developing case studies for promotional purposes and content for learning materials.

If it’s already written or translated (your book, report, website, or whatever), I can make sure it’s as good as it can be before the the world sees it. I will edit to improve the structure and clarity, and check the final document for errors and inconsistencies so it’s ready to publish.

My creative projects

I have a blog, where I post film reviews and write about life in general: The medial malleolus. I also write poetry and I’m working on a film script.

Learn English

I am a certified English as a Foreign Language teacher, and have helped adults learn English or improve what they already know.

My classes are challenging but relaxed and stress-free. Your syllabus is designed to help you achieve your goals, whether for work, study, business, travel, family, or fun. I encourage you to be a self-reflective, autonomous learner, and my tools and ideas ensure that learning continues outside of class.

Contact me

Use the buttons below to find me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or be old-fashioned and send me an email.

I am a big fan of coworking and am based at CREC, C/ Blesa 27, 08004 Barcelona.