I’m Alison from the UK, and I help people communicate better in English.

Language lessons

I am a TEFL-qualified teacher, helping adults learn English or improve what they already know. Contact me to find out how.

Whatever your level, classes with me are challenging but relaxed and stress-free. I will design a syllabus for you to help you achieve your goals, whether for work, study, business, travel, family, or fun. I encourage you to be a self-reflective, autonomous learner, and will give you tools and ideas so you can keep learning outside of our classes.

Discounts are available when you buy a number of classes, and also for autónomos, people over 65, and my fellow coworkers at CREC.

Skills workshops

I’m developing some communication skills workshops for individuals and companies, to give people more confidence communicating in English in an intercultural setting.

Check back here soon for more information.

Writing and editorial

Need some writing in English? I can do it.

I write websites, blog posts, reports, flyers, case studies, course content, product information… Tell me who will read it and what you want to say, let me do the rest.

I also rewrite translated text, or check a document for errors before the world sees it.

Using a professional writing service means you will save time, avoid mistakes, and leave your audience impressed.

Contact me

Use the buttons below to find me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or send me an email to find out more about any of my services:

  • Language lessons
  • Skills workshops
  • Writing and editorial

I am based at CREC Coworking, Blesa, 27, 08004 Barcelona.